The Truth About Brushing Your Hair

Did you know that the less you brush your hair the better? There is an old recommendation that says if you brush a hundred strokes a day this is what you need to do to have healthy hair. Many years ago people washed their hair only once a month or once every three weeks, and usually only if they were wealthy and had a lot of time on their hands. They believed that serious brushing was needed each day to remove the dead skin from the scalp and to evenly distribute the scalp oils down the hair shaft. If they didn’t brush so many strokes a day, the oil and debris would build up on the scalp and would leave the hair looking dirty and unkempt. They usually applied a substitute oil to their hair, as the ends would become extremely dry and brittle. Hair regrowth was restricted though as scalp massage wasn’t widely practiced. Without a proper scalp massage, healthy growth was hampered.

Hair regrowth is much easier today, though, as we wash our hair much more frequently. Our shampoos are slightly acidic preventing swelling of the hair shaft which causes cuticle damage. With the help of a wide range of conditioners with balsam left in and rinsed out, it fortifies and protects our hair strands.

We know nowadays though, that when we brush too much, we can actually cause severe damage as brushing actually wears away the hair cuticle and its protective covering. As a result, when the cuticle becomes weakened the hair mats and tangles. The inner cortex of the cuticle eventually wears down and causes serious weakening of the hair. Once the cortex goes completely, the hair is likely to split or break off. For proper hair care, invest in a wide-tooth comb and detangle or comb out before bedtime. Using a few common-sense procedures when it comes to your hair regrowth will leave you with beautiful hair for many years to come.