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Dangers of Commercial Baby Shampoo

Many times, as I sit down to write an article, many thoughts from my past experiences come flooding into my mind. I was always curious as to why it is even legal to use topical freezing agents in baby shampoos. This has always seemed bizarre to me. The logic behind this is that when you are washing your babies hair, you can rinse it freely, and if it gets in the eye it won’t sting. Well, that’s great,  but the reason it is not stinging the babies eyes is that it is temporarily freezing the eye. This has always bothered me, so this time I decided to do a bit more research. I Hope you’re sitting down for this one.

I came across an article about a very popular baby shampoo brand, so I had the information to back up what I am going to say about my concerns on this topic. Not only does it have numerous Sodium Lauryl Sulphates and a topical freezing agent, but it also has Formaldehyde. Side effects that are listed for these products include:

Tested positive for:

  • development and reproductive toxicity;
  • allergies and Immune system complications;
  • skin, Eye, and Lung irritation;
  • enhanced skin absorption and contamination;
  • organ system complications.

The scary part is how corporate advertising boasts about this wonderful product that makes washing babies hair “safe” and fun. The truth is if you were using a shampoo with no SLS products, and high-quality surfactants, the PH level would be balanced to match the natural saline in the eye, and will not sting the eye anyway. In essence, they are adding another dangerous chemical to counteract the negative effects of the other chemicals that cause the eye to burn. Some of these companies will list their ingredients on the back of the label, so the only way to see it is as you use up the shampoo. Once the ingredients are exposed, you can see that they are full of SLS chemicals. It’s really despicable what some will do for money.

This has been one of the saddest articles I have written to date. It’s very hard for me to not get emotional about this, mostly out of anger that this is legal. I wonder if the big corporations could get away with this if the mass public knew about this stuff. I just hope that I can educate people about the dangers lurking in commercial skin and hair care products out there, through my articles as well as my website. If I  do nothing else, I hope I can spark an interest in everyone, not just mothers of young children. Learn the facts, educate yourself, and make 2008 the year you eliminate harmful chemicals from all of your family’s skin and hair care products.