Hair care

Bold Hair Moves

Everyone has read and heard enough about hair to have the basics of its care down pat. Shampoo with a formula right for your hair type, condition well, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair etc., etc. These recommendations are mainstays of our beauty routines — and not too exciting. To shake up your beauty routine and get great new results, try a little of what we call “breakout beauty.”

Whether it’s an old technique with a modern twist, or an insider’s tip gleaned from years of working with hair, the following may seem out of the ordinary, even a little unconventional. Try them anyway — you may never look at haircare the same way again!

Breakout Beauty Tip: Sleep with Your Hair Damp Revolutionary Result: Great Wavy Hair Set with No Frizz

No, it’s not taboo; go ahead and hit the sheets with hair that’s still slightly damp and wake up to — surprise! — great style. Tossing, turning, and pillow pressure actually gives your hair great wavy texture and flatten out frizz. For best bed-head style, be sure your hair is damp, not soaking wet (air dry for a while first). Comb tangles out and the part where you want it to be the next morning. In the a.m., just smooth on a little pomade to add even more texture and hold the set all day. For extra style, pile your hair up in a loose updo, allowing a few pieces to fall free.

Breakout Beauty Tip: Skip the Shampoo, Wash with Your Conditioner Revolutionary Results: Super Smooth Hair

Curly, high-textured-hair ladies, get ready to save on shampoo and enjoy more shower-stall space. When your hair is naturally dry, coarse, and curly, or heat damaged, shampoo’s super cleansing formulas can strip away the little hair oil you have, doing more damage than good. We’ve found cleansing hair with conditioner, using it just as you would a shampoo, leaves hair clean, soft, and manageable.

Breakout Beauty Tip: Straight Hair — Blow-Dryer, Flat Iron Need Not Apply Revolutionary Results: Super Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair Without the Heat

Love your hair straight hair, hate dealing with heat tools? Next time you want to go straight, make it a “wrap.” An old-school smoothing and styling method, the wrap is an effective, electricity-free way to get that modern, smooth, straight style everyone loves. Part hair in the middle and divide into four large sections, two in the front, two in the back. Starting on the right side of your head, wrap the hair in the first, front section to your head, securing it with large bobby pins. Continue in a clockwise manner wrapping and pinning each section until all your hair is “wrapped” around your head and secured with bobby pins. Allow to dry completely, remove pins, and comb out your straight style!

Breakout Beauty Tip: Retire Your Every day, Every decade Look Revolutionary Results: New Hair Style and Attitude

Stuck in a style rut? If you’re like most, you might have gotten a bit too cozy with your hair look and find yourself looking the same way for way too long. A new look, or at least a flattering variation on the theme, is a great way to boost your self-image. Start the process with a little homework, reviewing mags and the Web for styles that catch your eye. Next, schedule a consultation with your favorite hairstylist, or maybe even try someone new. Together come up with a new style, and different ways — for work, evening, weekends — to wear it. Then prepare for the snip -— and a new you!